About Us

Going anywhere for the first time can seem overwhelming, especially when that place is a spiritual community you know nothing about. We get it. People find us all the time who, like you, probably don’t know much about who we are. We are not (yet!) the mainstream. Is this church? Is this not church? Yes, to all of those things. Imagine a religion with no hell, damnation or dogma; that is pretty much us.

You are welcome here! All are welcome here!

What we believe:

You can transform your life.

In this safe and accepting community, you can learn to live purposefully, consciously, and authentically, through a direct connection with Spirit.

When you visit:

When you visit you can expect to be welcomed with open arms and a warm smile. Our Welcome Team is there to meet you, answer all of your questions, and walk you through your first visit.

The first time, you’re a guest, but the second time, you’re family.

At the Center:

You will have access to tools, classes, and experienced teachers and minsters, as well as a community full of loving and open people who are waiting to pay it forward. This is a safe place to know god, and All are welcome here.

There are many opportunities for you to join this spiritual community to deepen your direct connection with Spirit. Consider volunteering, joining one of our groups, or coming for classes.


Building a global community of people who choose love one person at a time to create a world that works for everyone!


The Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey is here to serve as a community of support, love, and compassion for those who are looking to transform their life, to become emotionally healthy, and to prosper in ways that were previously unimaginable.


About Membership

Take a look at this digital brochure for more info about what it means to be a part of this Community.