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    The Center for Spiritual Living, North Jersey where the vibration of love lifts you, the wisdom of the ages inspires you, and the Science of Mind teaching empowers you!

    Sunday Services – Meditation 10:30am, Meet & Treat 10:45am, Celebration 11am
    Freedom Friday Experience – Every 3rd Friday, 8pm

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    Visit the Heart & Mind Bookstore, located in the Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey, for all of your metaphysical book and gift needs.

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    Everyone needs to have a place to belong, and everyone needs a group of people to call their own. You will find this here!

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    We encourage our kids and teens to learn how to thrive

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    Learn about our ongoing accredited education program

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You can transform your life. In our safe and accepting community, you can learn to live purposefully, consciously and authentically through a direct connection with Spirit.

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Building a global community of people who choose love one person at a time to create a world that works for everyone!



The Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey is here to serve as a community of support, love, and compassion for those who are looking to transform their life, to become emotionally healthy, and to prosper is ways that were previously unimaginable.