Our Spiritual Director

Reverend Michelle Wadleigh has been practicing the Science of Mind teaching for more than 12 years and founded our Center in 2002. Not only does she embody the teaching but her playful nature creates an open, safe and loving atmosphere conducive to personal transformation.

Rev. Michelle is the mother of 3 beautiful sons. As a parent, she brings a deep understanding and appreciation for what it takes to keep a family thriving and happy. She has a reputation for bringing unconditional love wherever she goes and being deeply compassionate. Once you hear her laugh you’ll know she’s working on God’s team all the time.

Reverend Michelle is available to perform a variety of ceremonies and rituals that honor the life
of God within each one of us, including:

~ wedding ceremonies

~ welcoming of new babies

~ memorial services

~ commitment ceremonies

~ house blessings

~ relationship blessings

~ new businesses

~ and more individual rituals that reflect our own unique celebration of life…

Reverend Michelle is also available for:


~ Be the Peace – a peace workshop

~ The Four Agreements

~ Embracing the Whole of You

~ Visioning – based on her own CD

~ Meditation

~ and more…


~ Solstice Celebration

~ Sacred Ritual Retreat

~ Silence is Golden, a silent New Year’s Eve retreat

~ Creating Community

~ and more…

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