Online Tribe

Membership of the CSLNJ ONLINE TRIBE represents a decision to be both part of a community and part of a movement, the purpose of which is to lift, empower, inspire and educate individuals as to their own uniqueness. And, yes, this can happen online where ever you are. As a matter of fact, this program was created specifically FOR YOU!

You are someone who either was part of our community and moved away or who has become interested in our community due to a friend or maybe you found us on Facebook.

This program has been created because we see you paying attention to our Facebook posts sending us emails or communicating with us through Facebook.


Because you already depend upon us for:

  • Teaching High Truth and Principle
  • To teach and facilitate Emotional & Spiritual Health
  • To serve humanity through prayer practices and Social Engagement
  • Being on the cutting edge of programs that grow our SOM communities

Associating with this community connects you with individuals who choose to live life with a beautiful open heart and who use their intellect wisely.  CSLNJ is comprised of people who practice loving and direct communication and who use prayer/treatment as their first means of healing.  We are a group of people who are willing to be accountable for our actions and who want to make a difference in the world.

I am proud to be the founding Pastor and Spiritual Director of this beautiful and diverse community of individuals that is NOW REACHING OUT BEYOND THE WALLS TO YOU!

The moment you sign up for membership, the sense of connection begins immediately.  Expect a warm welcome! On behalf of myself, the Core Leadership, and the inhouse congregation of CSLNJ, I welcome you with an open heart, an open mind and open arms.

Welcome home to YOUR community, from wherever you are. We are a safe place to know God!

What’s in it for you?

  • Livestream Sunday Morning Celebration through Facebook LIVE!
  • Online Prayer Support
  • Access to the Tribe through a Member only Facebook Group
  • Discounts off of online classes
  • Monthly Zoom Gatherings with the entire Tribe
  • Additional gathering times for teaching and processing
  • POSSIBLE voting rights
  • Access to CSLNJ’s private YouTube Channel populated with SOM, Metaphysical and associated teachings.


  • A financial pledge through Square Cash, automatic debit or some fashion.
  • If you are interested in becoming a tithing member or if you wish to have more information about the practice of tithing, please ask for more information.
  • Please be as generous as your heart will allow. Your donations allow us to keep building this Online community and help more and more people. You will receive an annual statement of your donations for tax purposes.


  • Follow the link below to our online membership registration and pledge form.
  • Set up your commitment.

Once we have received both the membership application and the pledge form, you will receive a welcome email. Within a few days you will become involved with your new community.