Find Your Community


Find your Community, and find a place to belong.  Belonging and connection are the cure for today’s hectic pace.  Be seen by people who appreciate you, and break out of the anonymity of the modern lifestyle.  When you find a place to belong you create deeper friendships, find ways to give back through meaningful service, and live a longer and healthier life.  Spiritual community is the perfect spiritual laboratory in which to explore intentional living and practice spiritual maturity.  To find a place to belong is a conscious choice to give and receive on many levels.

Mindful Hiking Club

Mindful Hiking Club with Gary Frank

We’re open to all levels of hikers, walkers and those who love to stroll in the woods. Children and pets are welcome!

Meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.

Contact Gary for more information at

The Light-Bearers Book Study Group

A Study Group

The Light-Bearers Book Study Group will be exploring deep and practical lessons on turning pain into strength, wisdom, compassion and joy.

New members of all ages are always welcome.