Vocal Empowerment Workshop

Nov 10 2018

Saturday, November 10th

From 11am until 2pm

At Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey

31 Westville Ave., Caldwell, NJ

$35 Members; $50 Non-Membmers


Singing in the shower or car, we develop the habit of "muting" our voice to hear the radio or playback, making a fairly small sound.  How do you wound when the music stops?  Are you apologetic for your sound?  Afraid that it's not good enough?  Power and confidence is probably all you need!  Learn to STAND STRONG in you voice!  TAKE COMMAND of your gift!  Enjoy the sound of YOUR VOICE!  And, HAVE FUN sharing your talent in a safe and affirming group setting, while experiencing growth and expansion!

This 3-hour Vocal Intensive Workshop is lead by TY STEPHENS, International Entertainer, Vocalist/Songwriter, Performance Coach, Choir Director and Bandleader, and is designed for all levels of vocalists from novice to aspiring professional to working artists! 

Accompanied by acclaimed Music Director, Richard Cummings, Jr.


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