Tai Chi Chuan

Feb 09 2019  -  Apr 13 2019

10 Saturdays beginning February 9th

From 10:30am until 11:30am

At Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey

31 Westville Ave., Caldwell, NJ

$10 per class, payable at class or prepay online.

facilitated by Jeffrey Lin

Tai Chi Class Description

People practice Tai Chi for different reasons. Some practice it to alleviate an illness, for better health, relaxation, or just for fun.  By learning to recognize the Yin and Yang forces within us and balancing them, we can effectively maintain our bodies’ health. During practice, we constantly contemplate the meaning of life, and by linking our mind and body, we create a peaceful and harmonious environment. The product of Tai Chi is a calm, peaceful mind and a relaxed, healthy body.

In total of 10 classes, we will cover: 

  1. Tai Chi principles as taught by great masters
  2. Stances: Wuji Stance, Bow-Arrow Stance, False Stance, Four-Six Stance.
  3. Steps: Step Forward, Step Backward, Step Sideway
  4. Hand: Part the Wild Horse’s Mane, Brush Knee, Cloud Hands, Repulse Monkey
  5. Qi Gong - The Eight Pieces of Brocade
  6. Tai Chi 8 simple forms sequence
  7. Yang style Tai Chi 24 forms sequence.


Jeffrey Lin

Seven years ago, propelled by the desire to exercise, I searched for a gentle yet powerful form of exercise and decided to try Tai Chi. I borrowed a Tai Chi book from the library, watched YouTube videos on the various postures, and practiced on my own. I was able to get into some of the individual postures on my hand or leg; however, when putting it all together, I could not move smoothly with my body as a whole. I decided to learn from a Tai Chi Practitioner, An-Bang Huang, who had been teaching Tai Chi at a weekend Chinese school for over ten years. With my Shifu’s (master) weekly step by step guidance and my own daily practice, I was able to incorporate Tai Chi into my meditation and exercise routine. As a result, I strengthened my body, increased flexibility, and felt calm and relaxed after each day’s practice. 

A Chinese proverb says, "Start eating a sugar cane from the end towards its root, and it gets sweeter." I have enjoyed this “it gets sweeter” experience with Tai Chi, and it would be my great pleasure to show you the way to such a journey. 

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