Drop Your Bible Baggage

Nov 25 2018  -  Dec 09 2018

4 Sundays (Plus 1 Bonus Week FREE) Beginning November 25th

From 1:30pm

At Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey

31 Westville Ave., Caldwell, NJ

$144 ($96 for repeaters)



So many of use walk around carrying guilt, shame, resentment, and other negative feelings and emotions from past religious experiences that we aren't sure what to do with.  Many of use grew up being told we were bad people and need to be saved.  Others were shunned and ostracized for their "differing lifestyle."  All in the name of the Bible.  Yet, there are many among us who did not grow up with these message or even the Bible at all.

All of us are missing out on the true nature of messages in the Bible.  Together, we will unlock the 3 keys to understanding ALL of the Bible and the truth about your Divine Perfection; you were born perfect and you are still perfect. 

There is great Truth and ancient wisdom to be found in the Bible and you can discover it for yourself.


In this 5 week course... we will learn and discuss the facts, myths and truths about the Bible.  You will be introduced to 3 keys that will allow you to find the truth in any line in the book.  We will have lively discussions about past interpretations of the the Bible, the impact these have had, and what that means now.  Most importantly, we will discover the true intention of this book - universal Truth - and the many religions it has inspired.


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