If you have resources you’d like added here, please bring them up at our weekly Zoom call (and include links in the chat to be added), so the group facilitators can review them for posting. Thanks!

General Resources:


Share the Mic…
The #ShareTheMicNow hashtag took Instagram by storm. Started in a collaboration between Bozoma St. John, Glennon Doyle, and Luvvie Ajayi Jones, this opened up a new channel for voices that must be heard. Clicking the link above will describe it and help you find the channels that are having these ongoing conversations.

Artists’ contributions:

  • Ty Stephens’ video of “Power to Change”, and Ty’s dance tutorial to connect and engage people around the idea that our contributions matter and can change the world.
  • Sarah Jones is on Instagram, bringing Conversation by way of the characters from her award-winning one-woman show. This recent video clip features some of her characters describing a new weekly performance she’ll be giving, to address where we are now and how our conversations are going (for those not on Instagram, you can click off the app pop-up). Here’s a more recent video from Sarah.
  • This video by India.Arie has a timeless message (note in advance that some protest sign language is expressing understandable anger).

To be continued…